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Bug Sweeps

Technical Surveillance Counter Measures

Bug Sweeps London

Bug Sweeps London, more accurately known as Technical Surveillance Counter Measures, refers to the use of sophisticated electronic equipment to find out if someone has placed eavesdropping devices that will allow them to listen in on your conversations, phone calls or electronic communications, or has placed cameras to spy on you without your knowledge or consent.

Bug Sweeping

As bugging technology continues to advance, so it becomes ever more important to protect your privacy with a service that remains one step ahead of anyone who wants to invade your privacy. If you are under surveillance, or simply suspect that you are, you need the confidence that any bug sweep that is carried out for you will detect even the latest devices.

Our specialist agents are experts at finding and removing bugs and surveillance devices, so once we have swept your areas of concern and checked all you electronic devices you will have the peace of mind that your privacy is once again assured.

Electronic Bug Sweeps

Technical Services Counter Measures (TSCM), more commonly known as Bug Sweeping, is the employment of a combination of manual search techniques and sophisticated electronic detection devices to discover whether your home, office or private locations have had devices placed, without your knowledge or consent, that allow others to illegally:

  • Listen to your conversations.
  • See what’s going on.
  • Listen in on your phone calls
  • Monitor your electronic devices.

We will sweep the areas you suspect may have been bugged, or simply want to check to reassure yourself that your privacy has not been compromised.  The security sweeps will detect:

  • Pinhole Cameras.
  • Hidden Cameras.
  • Hidden Microphones.
  • Spy Bugs.
  • Transmitters

…. and many more

Bug Sweeps London

The advances in miniaturisation of bugs and cameras, their easy availability, particularly with the increase in online outlets selling an ever increasing range of equipment, and the falling cost of such items, has all made eavesdropping all too easy.  Because of this more and more people are finding themselves victims of the practice, and we now see it being used in homes, the workplace, in shops and even in vehicles, and spied on by their employers, spouses, thieves, landlords, competitors, journalists or even just voyeurs.

Surveillance Counter Measures

Our TCSM provide you with both an effective counter to bugging that has already taken place, and the protection against future attempts to invade your privacy.  You have an absolute right to privacy in your own environment, whether at home, work or in your car, and our service is designed to give you the reassurance that your rights are both protected and maintained.

The sweeps will also be carried out to meet your needs, and at your convenience.  If you want to make it clear to staff and contacts that you carry out these checks as a form of deterrence, then we can arrange the sweeps at busy times during the day.  If you want the checks carried out covertly to identify bugging that has taken place without the spies’ knowledge that their activities have been discovered, we are happy to make arrangements to carry out the sweeps out of hours.

Office Debugging

The types of people who may wish to consider the possibility that they are being bugged or observed would include:

  • Company Executives.
  • Members of political organisations.
  • Tenants who are in dispute with landlords.
  • Spouses or partners who are in dispute.
  • The Wealthy.
  • Successful entrepreneurs and business people who may be doing well at the expense of their competition.
  • Social Activists.
  • Anyone currently in litigation.
  • Research and Development Companies.
  • Information Controllers that have access to personal details of desirable individuals.
  • Key personnel in the finance industry who have access to market information.

Household Sweeps

As soon as you suspect that someone knows things they shouldn’t, arrange for Bug Sweeps London.  Even if the sweep finds nothing, you have bought yourself peace of mind.  Even worrying about whether there is a wire tap on your phone, or whether someone had placed a hidden microphone in your office can change the way you behave and speak, which could have a detrimental effect on your business and personal life.  If we do find bugs and eavesdropping equipment, then you can respond and plan accordingly.  Either way, positive action on your part is always the way to regain control. When contacting us please be sure to make contact  away from a suspected compromised area or device. Please call 0800 1583683 or click the link shown below.


Bug Sweeps London