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Probate, Beneficiary and Family History


Due to our many years experience within locating missing people we have built up a vast knowledge and resource of dealing with historical matters, including locating missing beneficiaries, researching and compiling family trees, assisting with in depth probate matters and quiet simply locating missing family members.

Genealogy usually takes us all over the world and since having such a wealth of local knowledge and network we are more than capable of dealing with the most complex of situations.

It is standard practise for us to be searching births, deaths, marriages, divorce and will records not only within the United Kingdom but across the globe.

We can further advise that we can deal with large scale family tree matters and this service also tends to lead us to many different destinations across the world.

Clients who may require our assistance in this field are as follows:

  • Probate Solicitors
  • Researchers
  • Government Agencies
  • Local Authorities
  • Genealogy Agencies
  • Tracing Agents
  • Investigators
  • General Public

And much more…


Should you have any requirements surrounding any form of genealogy, family research, tracing, beneficiary, births, deaths, marriages, will, probate and or family tree matters then please do feel free to make contact with us. You will have the benefit of dealing directly with professionals who know and understand what steps are required when dealing with these likely sensitive matters.

Call us today on 0800 158 3683 for a fully discreet and confidential discussion to see how we can assist. If you would prefer please feel free to email our secure email address of