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Fraud & Scams

Notice The Warning Signs


Fraud & Scam Investigations

Fraud and Scam Investigations are becoming a regular occurrence here at William Stewart Investigations. Due to the increased use of Technology within these Fraud and Scam matters Criminals are constantly targeting businesses and individuals under false pretext with aim of monetary gain and simply getting away with it time and time again.

We are able to look into all manners of Fraud and Scam enquiries and know what has to be done in order to achieve positive results. We have a full understanding of the methods and tricks behind these Fraud and Scam matters and we have full consideration for the situation our clients may have been left in.

Areas of Fraud and Scam enquiries we face on a daily basis are as follow:

  • Identity Theft
  • Brand Protection
  • Investment Scams
  • Bitcoin, Digital and or Crypto Currency Scams
  • Binary Trading
  • Boiler Room Scams
  • Cloned Firms
  • Email Scams
  • Romance Scams
  • Mystery Shopping

And much more…

Our Approach 

As with most Fraud and Scam matters our clients tend to approach us once the transactions have been completed and they are out of pocket. This in turn makes the client sceptical in perusing the funds and or assets that have been lost (throwing good money after bad). Our team understands these situations and that’s why we continue to exceed expectations when dealing with Fraud and Scam matters in a timely and cost effective manor.

We always advise to hit the ground running with aim to catch the criminals before the trail turns cold.

We are able to conduct background intelligence works surrounding  the Fraudsters and or Scammers and accompany this with Surveillance and Sting operations style tactics which has a proven track record in our books.

Once evidence is acquired we are also more than capable of mediating with the local, national and international Police and Law enforcement agency’s every step of the way.

Advice and Risk Assessment  

Should you have any doubts about a possible Investment, Business deal, Agreement you maybe thinking about and you want some friendly advice or a full Investigation before proceeding then we are always happy to discuss these matters further. Call us today on 0800 158 3683 for a fully discreet and confidential discussion to see how we can assist. We have helped many people and corporations in the past and due to the ever growing security issues that human beings and technology produce we will continue to do so.